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Water-melon. Edible part seed pulp. Fruits have a circle, an oval and the cylinder a form. Coloring of a pov-ta green or white with striped, mesh, spotty drawing. Korovy pulp white. Pulp of a seed chamber – roses,, raspberries. On a consistence the pulp happens fragile, dense, friable, deep-fibrous or gentle and granular. When maturing fruits to friable pulp have its softening to a pyureobrazny sost., thus the thin courses that serves one of signs of the termination of a period of storage. A peel smooth with wax for a short while. Prevailing sugar – fructose, small amount of starch, cellulose and. It is less than proteins, than in other vegetables. Vitamins: ascorbic to - that, carotene, B1, B6, PP; mines in-va in small quantity (To, Sa, Mg, Na, Fe). To taste of a grade subdivide on sweet, semisweet and unsweetened, on maturing terms – on early, average and late. Signs of a removable maturity – deaf knock at percussion, shining pov-t bark, usykhany fruit stems.

Otseniv-e kach-va: appearance (freshness, integrity, purity, a maturity, a form,, the size of fruits on to dia, the admission, taste and a smell. Not standard - fruits with attritions, pressings, scratches. The waste - crushed, which burst, rumpled, decayed and rotten, frozen.

Onions are estimated on to a look (to a maturity, integrity, purity, lack of povredeniye, a form and, to the size of bulbs on diameter. Not a top and to withdrawal the onions of agnivshiya, steamed, podmoroyenny. Not standard – onions and garlic, porayenny nematodes, pincers.

Stack in boxes cages or in bulk. Store in and storages. The storage mode for the ripening melons: t=0-1os also carries air – 8-95%, for t water-melons – 3-4os and – 85-90%. Water-melons of an idyna should be overturned periodically in order to avoid the prolzheny. Periods of storage: water-melons – 1-3 months, melons – 2-7 months.

Cucumbers in food only unripe (mature have a rough peel, leathery seeds, emptiness, unpleasant taste and a smell). In will consume a maturity have zet, a thin skin, pulp gentle, elastic, without emptiness. A form – spherical, ovoid, etc. coloring – zet with light drawing. Pov-t – ridge or bugorchaty. Seed it is divided into 2-3 seed chambers. A consumer sv-va above if the seed nest is less. differ in the highest sod-m of water and low sugars. They possess og-y aroma (because of. In bark nitrogen of matters there are more than sugars, it is less than water, ashes, cellulose, than in a seed chamber. At cultivation sometimes develop a bitter taste due to accumulation at sharp change of weather of special matter – a kukurbitatsina. On isp-yu: salad, pickling; on terms vyrashch-I: early, average and late.

P grades of lemons divide on, and rough. Store tsit in storages at t = 2-6os and 85-90%, at norms to the gas atmosphere (for terms RGS and MGS). Tsit in month: 1-3;, Lim 1-5; 2 Upak one py and a kategor in boxes (a bottom and walls the boom vystit). Kazhd a row perekl-t boom.

Onion. Bulbs have a raznoobrany form (from a circle, to flat). Coloring it is dry painting veshch-m. On structure and taste onions are divided on: sharp, semi-sharp and sweet. for the sharp sharp taste is characteristic, is high to soda of sugars and oils, a polecat a lezhkost. Semi-sharp sod-t taste semi-sharp, the average density and a lezhkost there are less than sugars, oils. Sweet – low to soda of sugars, oils, taste, a lezhkost.

 CITRUS. tsit-x a two-layer – an okoloplodnik. In okrash-ohm a layer to them-sya pieces of iron with oil, the vnutr-y white layer adjoins to pulp, from 8-13 segments. Segments from the extended sections. Vnut segments having developed seeds (happen without seeds).

Otseniv-e kach-va: appearance (freshness, integrity, purity, a maturity, a form,, the size of fruits on the greatest cross diameter, permissible deviations, taste and a smell. Non-standard - fruits with attritions, pressings, scratches. Waste - the fruits crushed, which burst, rumpled, decayed and rotten, frozen.

Olives – or fleshy stone fruit dark or, in did not ripen a look – greenish it is yellow. Mas because of matters – a glycoside is fresh. After drying or salting destroy a glycoside and the bitterness disappears. Mas otl-sya oils (50-70%). In honeycombs of a squirrel, sugar, pectin, a min. thing (To, P, Sa and ), Vit (With, B1, carotene). Olivk oil is rich to-mi (olein).