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The operation purpose - extraction of a frozen product and release of the device and baking sheets for the subsequent laying of fillet and its freezing. Unloading is made automatically. Mobile platform. falling opens the gate of the lower window and on it" at the next motion cycle of a comb the carriage with baking sheets is pushed out. At further lowering of a platform motionless inclined combs which remove baking sheets and they enter it. slide off on the reception conveyor. On this conveyor baking sheets with a product arrive on a table where there is a release of baking sheets which send to a sink. Glazing of fillet is not made as fileychik froze in polymeric packages.

According to A. Krivets, Yu.Semenov, N. Stepanova, sliding corners on various materials have the following average values: tin tinned 10, aluminum sheet 13, iron galvanized 32, iron black, rubber smooth 42, cement zhelezneny 45, tree planed 5

As party consider a certain quantity of production of one name, a way of processing and a grade, one manufacturer, no more than five dates of development and the issued one document certifying quality.

The caught fish from the deck via hatches comes to the bunker. From the bunker - fish moves on a table for an imboweling manually, here from her take a liver. fish on the conveyor is directed on the golovootsekayushchy car, and then on a filetirovaniye. The received two fileychik which passed the car are fixed in weak solution of table salt and transferred for laying to baking sheets. The baking sheets closed by a cover load in cages into tunnel freezing installation. The frozen fillet is unloaded on harvest tables, and the packed production elevators falls to hold for storage. Approximate productivity of the line is 10 t of fillet in change:

At intensive freezing (this case) smaller kristallik of ice are formed, than at slow freezing which do not break integrity of fabric. However even at fast freezing in deep layers of a body of fish freezing happens more slowly, than in external layers therefore the formed ice crystals on the section of a body of fish will be the unequal size. During a vymorazhivaniya of water concentration of salt solutions in fabrics that leads to a partial denaturation of protein increases.