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The professional participants of the market of europapers acting in London are obliged to conform to all requirements of regulators of this country, first of all Managements on securities and investments of SIB - Securities and Investment Board and Council for securities and futures of SFA - Securities and Futures Authority.

CS First Boston, Salomon Brothers, IFC "Renaissance", J.P.Morgan, Merill Lynch, Nomura International, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, Morgan Stanley, Raiffeisenbank, Creditanstalt - (co-managers).

The professional participants of the market acting as managers are united in the International Association of participants of primary market - International Primary Markets Association. Members of association developed the set of rules, the securities concerning technology of placement in the international market, and also standard forms of documents (the agreements concluded by managers among themselves between managers and the issuer, standard conditions of force majeure, force majeure, etc.).

List of essential events and documents (Signing/Closing Agenda). Contains the list of necessary documents and the schedule of their signing (the agreement on a subscription, the publication of a prospectus of the issue), time of payment of securities and their release.

When carrying out calculations clearing Euroclear and Cedel systems apply a method of calculations "delivery against payment", that is for transaction both parties have to have funds on accounts in these systems, sufficient for implementation of the obligations.

Despite the organizational difficulties connected with the organization of these releases in the Commission on securities and the exchanges of the USA (Securities and Exchange Commission), foreign borrowers willingly went on it as interest rates in the USA were lower, than in Europe.

In addition to all aforesaid, it would be desirable to add that Euroclear and Cedel are characterized by completely disclosed information about the movement of the means belonging to them. That is, having the corresponding equipment, it is possible to learn where at present there are your means.

After implementation of all preliminary registration and legal requirements participants pass directly to placement of securities. Usually at first in the main financial centers in which there are potential investors, a series of mass and individualty presentations, so-called "road shows" (road-show) porovoditsya. Participating in "road show", the company represents itself and a form of a loan which she offers. Main the presentation purposes - placement of the greatest volume of a loan by the company under the lowest interests. It is also successful marketing the course for work in the open financial market.

This market arose as response to measures for control of the movement of the capitals entered into the USA. Formation of the market of europapers is an evident illustration of how different introduction of restrictions stimulates financial innovations which in turn stimulate their cancellation.