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The wood waste caught in dust removal devices is unloaded from bunkers periodically. The shiberny locks and locks of maxillary type applied to this purpose have to be adjusted so that to exclude secondary air pollution because of their leakage. Transportation of the caught wood waste is made by cars which schedule of work has to be made on the basis of a preliminary estimate of time of filling of bunkers of cyclones (no more than 2/3 of their heights). Pneumotransport can be applied as to pumping of the caught dust directly from pylevypuskny openings of cyclones during cyclones-razgruziteli, and to giving of the caught wood waste in a utilization boiler room.

Application at the first step of dry cleaning with extent of cleaning of 80 — 85% can be the perspective direction for decrease in a water consumption wet gas purification of IRP. In this case the additive of fresh water is reduced to 0,2 l/m3 of gases.

Operation of the natural woods can and has to provide a steady exit of the wide range of forest products and by-products of use of the wood, to keep ecological functions of the wood, to keep biological diversity, to provide means of livelihood to people.

Application for an irrigation instead of fresh water of condensate from evaporating stations leads to allocation of H2S in gases and therefore is inexpedient. Leads use as the irrigating liquid of weak white lye from a kaustization during the work with circulation to the same negative result.

The collector to which dusty air from air ducts branches comes, can represent: air duct of variable section; collection of a cylindrical, spherical or conic form; main air duct. The collectors collections holding average position between the first and third types of collectors and the most necessary at number of the united machines to 8 — 1 are most widespread in a woodworking

Logging directly influence quality of water resources. On cutting areas the superficial drain increases; as a result become larger and quicker waves of flash floods in the rivers move. Reduction of an infiltration, reduction of food of underground waters, increase in evaporation and a storm drain during a rainy season influence a basic drain and by that reduce the volume of a ruslovy drain during the dry periods. Strengthening of a soil erosion leads to increase in adjournment of deposits in the rivers and lakes. The quantity of the weighed deposits sharply increases when trelevochny tractors cross the bed of the river or a stream. As a result rolls of the trees shading coastal sites temperature of river water increases. The timber-rafting on the river and negligent removal of the felling remains is led to that the organic substances getting to the river worsen quality of water and can cause oxygen impoverishment, and also promoted development of an evtrofikation. The fuel lubricants, pesticides and other substances applied in forestry can cause pollution of surface and underground water.

Impact of logging on vegetation is much more extensive, than only removal of the trees intended for the cabin. In the course of logging there is a damage of other trees caused by falling of the cut-down trees, use of trelevochny mechanisms and other technical means. The quantity of the lost trees which were not intending for the cabin can be big, than quantity of the tumbled-down trees, especially at selective cabins. Selective removal of the best trees can lead to a genetic erosion of the breeds growing on this site. If on a site separate copies as seed trees or if seed trees perish owing to violation of forest vegetation conditions are not left, renewal of tree species is improbable. If cabins are made on the extensive square, subgrowth will not become same what was the former wood, at least for a long time. In particular it belongs to damp rainforests, where natural renewal of some breeds very doubtfully. In the mixed woods where relationship between breeds are extremely difficult, removal of separate tree species even if it is made according to the program of selective cabins, can negatively affect a condition of other breeds participating in system of ecological communications. If as a result of logging extensive gleams in bed curtains are formed, strong flaws can destroy natural vegetation on the big square.