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support of foreign economic activity of subjects of small business, including assistance to development of their commercial, scientific and technical, production, information relations with the foreign states;

To provide assistance in the organization of retraining for the short-term training programs which are carried out at the expense of means of the public and international organizations on support of small business, the personnel of the small manufacturing enterprises mastering resource-saving, high, environmentally friendly, nature protection and other innovative technologies

Development and the organization of the project on creation of the center of high technologies and business - an incubator on floor spaces of KRAMZ and Sudostroitelny zavod open joint stock companies (Krasnoyarsk), and also all-union scientific research institute of experimental physics (Mr. Saro and all-union scientific research institute of theoretical physics (. Snowflakes)

Funds of support of small business have the right to compensate to insurance companies in whole or in part the income half-received by them at insurance on favorable terms of subjects of small business.

Along with use of the mechanism of the accelerated depreciation subjects of small business can write off in addition as depreciation charges to 50 percent of initial cost of fixed assets with service life more than three years.

performance of functions of the depositor, guarantor, guarantor according to obligations of small enterprises individual share in creation and activity of the economic entities providing development of infrastructure of the market, the specialized consulting organizations and information systems of support of small business and development of the competition, systems of consumer examination and certification of goods and services;

For the solution of the joint tasks connected with development and activity of subjects of small business the last can create noncommercial associations which have the right to carry out production and other business activity only for realization of the authorized tasks.