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Distribution of July temperatures is defined by geographic latitude. The closer to the equator, the hade of sunshine, the more warmly is more. In the north near the equator, the average temperature of July of +24 degrees Celsius, in the central part of +16 degrees Celsius, and in the south of +8 degrees Celsius.

The rivers of the continent are of great importance in economic activity. Their hydroenergy resources are actively used - on many rivers hydroelectric power stations are constructed. The greatest number of water-engineering systems on Parana. The rivers are used and as transport ways. In the mouth of Parana the large ports of Buenos Aires and Montevideo are located. Water resources are used for development of water capacious productions.

Landscape: it is very various. In Peru there are both deserts, and mountains, and rainforests which part is still not investigated. The source of the Amazon River is the Peruvian Andes. The highest mountain - Huascaran (6768 m). The longest river - Ucayali (1465 m).