Writer S Guide To Aristotle

Taking notes for class 1

River transport in Italy is developed poorly due to the lack of the large rivers. Quickly enough civil aviation develops in Italy. Aviation lines keep in contact of the largest cities of Italy with many cities of Europe, and also other continents. The largest airports of the country: Leonardo da Vinci (Rome), Malpensa and to Linatya (Milan) serve as the important centers of the international network of airlines.

Italy – the advanced industrial country. The basis of economy of the country is made by the industry. As well as in all Europe, in Italy the mechanical engineering and chemical industry dominates. The industry of Italy generally works at imported raw materials as the stocks at Italy are not enough.

Italy has an advanced network iron and highways: extent of railway lines makes 35,5 thousand km from which 2/3 are electrified; extent of highways makes 303 518 km (the 16th place to the world. The motor transport carries out 90% of passenger and 80% of freight transportation.

Quite monotonous landscape densely populated and almost entirely the plain cultivated by Padanska is recovered oak here and there, is more rare – birch or pine groves. Often near roads and coast of channels and the rivers avenues of poplars, willows and white acacias are located.

Adverse factors are: frequent fogs in Milan and Venice (complicate the automovement, lead to temporary closure of the airport, a strong heat in August which is especially hard transferred in big cities.

The big period of life was spent in Italy by M. Gorky. His name is connected with the island of Capri. Here, on the island consisting of rocks, the blue-blue sea, the burning sun and palm trees, Gorky organizes party school.

Considerably increased and goods turnover of ports of the Southern Italy – Augusta and Taranto that it is possible to explain with quite high level of development of the oil-processing and petrochemical industry in this region continues to grow.

Art in Renaissance in Italy took an important place in public life. Art creativity was necessary need of the Renaissance person. Thus only some cities the main thing from which was Florence, the capital of Tuscany were the centers of the Renaissance culture. Usually Renaissance is divided into three stages.

Development of philosophy also had the impact. Nicolo Machiavelli formulated the main incentive motive of the person, and great Leonardo da Vinci made a number of very important discoveries which became prototypes of subjects necessary to the person subsequently. Strongly the science moved ahead. Galileo Galilei and Giordano Bruno is only the main scientists of this time.